Cable or Bluetooth technology?

Take your choice!

Both types of connections have advantages or disadvantages, decide for yourself:

  Cable Bluetooth
Type of connectionwire-bound wireless
Sound qualityunlimitedlimited
Signal/noise ratio 1)unlimitedlimited
High-frequency radiationnoyes
Failure during interfering signalsnoyes
Handlingnoyes (pairing, activating)
Service/maintenancenoyes  (charging of battery)
Repair expenselittlehigh
Relative costslittlehigh

1) Ratio between maximum undistorted signal and basic noise, etc., important feature when used at very different driving noises.

More information

If you like your connections rather inexpensive and best quality with cables: No problem, all AKE components are compatible, e.g. you can use the helmet loudspeakers and the noise compensated microphone of the Bluetooth helmet set also via cable with any PowerCom system. Just change the plugs and you are ready to go.

Not only the cable to the helmet can be replaced by a Bluetooth line, but also the connection to other devices, as e.g. to the mobile phone, etc.

Possible combinations of the AKE helmet sets

One Helmet communicaton without on-board control electronics

AKE helmet set - Cable-connection - Navigation system 1) 
- Bluetooth-connection -
AKE helmet set - Cable-connection - Mobile phone 1) 
- Bluetooth-connection -
AKE helmet set - Cable-connection - Combination-device 1) 2) 
- Bluetooth-connection -

Helmet to helmet communication without on-board control electronics

AKE helmet set 1 - Bluetooth-connection - AKE helmet set 2

Portable helmet-to-helmet communicaton with BlueCom-Repeater

AKE Helmet set  - Bluetooth 3) -


- Cable  - Pocket-radio
or -Navigation system
AKE Helmet set - Bluetooth 3) - - Cable  - Handheld radio
or Handy

Motorbike entertainment system with PowerCom control electronics

AKE helmet set driver  - Cable  -




- Cable  - Stereo-
Audio 1) 
- Bluetooth 3) - - Bluetooth -
- Cable  - Navigatin system 1) 
- Bluetooth -

AKE helmet set pillion - Cable  - - Cable  - Mobile phone 1) 
- Bluetooth 3) - - Bluetooth -
- Cable  - Two-way-radio 1) 
- Bluetooth -

AKE helmet set
3. helmet
- Cable  - - Cable  - Combination-device
1) 2)
- Bluetooth 3) - - Bluetooth -
  1. A standardized Bluetooth interface is needed for the Bluetooth connection.
  2. Multi-function equipment with mobile phone, audio and GPS like PDAs, TomTom Rider, Garmin Zumo, etc.
  3. The Bluetooth connection to the helmet is working with headset profile.