Good things become even better

Benefit from over 30 years of experience!

AKE has constantly revised its motorbike communication systems and developed to a High-End motorbike communication and entertainment system.

PowerCom motorbike entertainment system INNOVA

The current PowerCom range contains a set of first-class motorbike communication systems with special performance, for example:

  • Fullduplex-Intercom
  • Voice-operated microphone activation
  • High-Quality-Audiotransmission from radio or MP3-Player
  • Announcement from your navigation system
  • Automatic speech-controlled 2-way-radio (HighSpeed-VOX)
  • Hands-free speaking system for your mobile phone
  • Volume control (according to the voice level) for navigation, audio, 2-way-radio and mobile phone
  • Priority rules for all incoming signals
  • Priority circuit for the Intercom-connection

and a lot more.

Optional with or without Bluetooth

Of course our High-End motorbike and entertainment-systems offer, besides cable connections, also several Bluetooth interfaces. Depending on the equipment requirements, navigation, radio, 2-way-radio, mobile phone etc. as well as the helmets can be connected via cable or Bluetooth.

Stealth Bluetooth Helmet Set 201
Stealth Bluetooth Helmet Set 201

Bluetooth-Kit for almost every helmet

Especially for the PowerCom product range AKE has developed a very lightweight, invisible to the outside and very easy to fit, Bluetooth helmet set, suitable for almost every helmet: The Stealth Bluetooth Helmet Set 201 PowerCom.

Made in Germany — Made by AKE

For many items we offer an extended period of warranty. Please communicate with us.