Stealth Bluetooth Helmset NG
- the new Bluetooth Generation

The Stealth Bluetooth Helmet Set NG allows you to connect to any Bluetooth capable mobile phone, audio device or navigation system.

The most important performance features

  • Fully stereo-capable wireless high-sound system (A2DP) and High-quality loudspeakers offer comfortable voice connection and music enjoyment even at high driving speeds.
  • Individual volume setting for each connected device, all settings are saved and will not be lost even after turning off.
  • Support for voice controls (iPhone, etc.), it is possible to call various persons on the motorbike, or activate other functions such as music, record memos, etc. without having to take the smartphone into the hand.
  • Also with Intercom operation each Helmet set can be connected individually with its own mobile phone, Navigation system or MP3 player, etc. The integrated control electronics handles the automatic changeover for every mobile phone or navigation system activity. Instead of a mobile phone connection, also the connection to a 3rd helmet is possible (201i).
  • Low radiation and energy saving: By using a new technology with only 2.5 milliwatts transmitting power (class 2) a 10 times higher range is achieved. Thus having sufficient range for a bike to bike connection without health risks.
  • Stealth-Design for hidden installation, due to the ergonomic shape, the Bluetooth unit can be placed weatherproof between the helmet collar and the inner padding. So It is not visible from the outside and also causes no wind noise.
  • Connection for external operating button (Order No. 39329) or radio remote control (Order No. 39326) or (Order No. 39327) available.
  • Easy installation by polarity-proof and colour-coded connections, microphone, loudspeaker and battery separately from the electronics box detachable. For helmets with helmet collar the electronics box only needs to be inserted. For helmets without a helmet collar a protective bag (Order No. 39311) is available.

Stealth Bluetooth Duo Helmset NG
- the New Generation

Much more than a wireless intercom-system

... For all those who want to do without the installation of a board electronics.

The Stealth Bluetooth Duo Helmset NG consists of two Stealth Bluetooth Helmset NG, each unit comes with a travel and wind noise compensated helmet microphone, two flat helmet speakers, a replaceable battery and a plug charger.

The most important performance features

  • Clear duplex voice-connection even at high driving speed
  • Inconspicuous when applying by Stealth-Design
  • Easy installation
  • Very light weight
  • Can also be used from motorbike to motorbike
  • Customer-friendly battery design