Bluetooth Helmet Set 201

... the Dimension in Stealth-Design

Enjoy the wireless freedom now also in HiFi stereo quality!

The Bluetooth Helmet Set 201 allows you to connect to our PowerCom motorbike communication systems as well as to any Bluetooth capable mobile phone, audio device or navigation system.

  • Fully stereo-capable wireless high-sound system (A2DP)
    100% Bluetooth compatible, supports the HSP, HFP and A2DP profiles and allows high-quality stereo transmission to the helmet. Widely compatible with the BMW K 1600 GT.
  • Multipoint-support
    Two Bluetooth devices with HFP (Handsfree Profile) can be connected simultaneously, e.g. a mobile phone and a navigation system or two mobile phones.
  • Low radiation and high range
    Is that possible? Through intensive research, we were able to optimize the range while at the same time having a low-radiation design. Thanks to a built-in special antenna, a range of up to 250 m (free-field) is achieved with a transmission power of only 2.5 milliwatts.
  • Optimal fit-for-motorbike
    A noise-compensating helmet microphone reduces the disturbing driving noise, the high-quality electronics ensure sufficient volume on the motorbike.
  • Stealth-Design
    The electronics box is designed for hidden installation. Due to the ergonomic shape, the Bluetooth unit can be placed weatherproof between the helmet collar and the inner padding, than it is not visible from the outside and does not cause any wind noise.
  • Easiest installation
    The microphone and the loudspeakers can be mounted individually with hook-and-loop fastening and can be connected to the electronic unit via  miniature plugs that are protected against polarity reversal. In contrast to the previous model, the operating buttons have been sunk so that they can not be released by themselves. This allows the electronics box to be placed under the helmet collar easier. Installation as previously recommended is no longer required.
  • Connection for external control unit
    In cases where external operation is desired, the Bluetooth Helmet Set 201 has a remote control connector for an external operating button (Order No. 39329) or a radio remote control (Order No. 39326) or (Order No. 39327).

Details about the AKE Bluetooth Helmet Set 201