Fit-for-motorbike remote controls for car radios

... or other audio-components like Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad

Today the big touring bikes are already partly delivered with radio. Expediently with a remote control, to place the valuable device securely enclosed and splashproof.

Special motorcycle radios also have disadvantages, on the one hand they are very expensive (in the purchase price, as well as in repairs), on the other hand there are no options - one device and that's it.

Many motorbikers therefore usually prefer to use normal car radios or MP3 players, such as iPod, iPhone or iPad, e.g. under the seat bench. But a protected installation is then only possible with a remote control.

Remote control for Car Radios

The various remote control systems

Infrared remote control system Blaupunkt:
According to experience reports of our customers a good transmission is not always guaranteed. Good for the use at a car but unfortunately not designed for motorcycle use.

Cable remote control system Panasonic and Sony:
Very many, very slender controls combined in a compact unit. It is more suitable for slender geisha hands than for gloved motorcycle riders.

Connection Interface System AKE

AKE connection interface
AKE connection interface

With the AKE connection interfaces, the most common Blaupunkt and Sony car radios, as well as the Apple iPods, can be easily connected to the BMW handlebars remote control. This makes the owner of a BMW touring motorbike finally flexible in the choice of the radio, without having to do without the advantages of a remote control.

With this connection interface, it is now possible to use everything that the technology has to offer, from the cost-effective entry-level solution via various radio / CD / MP3 combinations to the high-quality digital or navigation radio - Currently more than 40 different radio types can already be connected.

Cable remote control system AKE

AKE operating device on a BMW handlebar
AKE operating device on a BMW handlebar

Universal solution with neutral control unit for standard car radios with remote control option.

The AKE radio / CD / MP3 remote control is recommended for all bikes where the BMW handlebars do not fit, or for additional operating functions.

With the AKE remote controls, the remote-controllable Blaupunkt and Sony car radios as well as Apple's iPods can also be operated without problems on the motorcycle. All important Function are on buttons that are usable with gloves and weatherproof.

This makes the motorbiker finally flexible in the choice of his audio components, and that without having to do without the advantages of a remote control.

Für alle Motorräder, bei denen das BMW-Lenkerbedienteil nicht passt oder für zusätzliche Bedienfunktionen empfiehlt sich die AKE Radio/CD/MP3-Fernbedienung.

Mit den AKE Ferbedienungen lassen sich die fernbedienbaren Autoradios von Blaupunkt und Sony sowie die iPods von Apple auch auf dem Motorrad problemlos bedienen. Alle wichtigen Funktionen sind auf handschuhgerechte und witterungsunempfindliche Tasten gelegt.

Dadurch wird der Motorradfahrer endlich flexibel in der Wahl seiner Audiokmponenten, und dass, ohne auf die Vorteile einer Fernbedienung verzichten zu müssen.

Custom made products according to cusomers wishes

Car Radio operating device on a Yamaha FJR
Car Radio operating device on a Yamaha FJR

We also produce individual operating devices "custom made".

Particularly attractive when individually designed according to your personal taste, here for example on a Yamaha FJR 1300 AX. Additional buttons could be added. We need sketch made according to your ideas.

If to be installed in removable covers or similar, you can also attach marks to the dismantled coverings and send them to us.