PowerCom system via Bluetooth technology

The high quality communication system with Bluetooth gateway

On all systems of the PowerCom series, all connections can be realized in wireless transmission technology.

This makes every PowerCom- system a high-quality Bluetooth centre with a fit-for-motorbike hands-free-kit, noise-dependent volume adjustment, voice control (VOX) and much more (also see the description of the PowerCom properties).

With the combination of PowerCom-device, Bluetooth-helmet-set, Bluetooth-helmet-connector and Bluetooth-Accessory-Adapter you can, without having to have a cable-connection to the helmet and without a cable-connection to the navigation-system or mobile phone, etc.

  • listen to navigation system voice announcements
  • listen to the radio / MP3
  • talk to another motorbike driver via two-way-radio
  • answer calls and even dial with mobile phones with voice dial
  • talk to the pillion and much more

... and that all fully fit-for-motorbikes!

PowerCom-System with Bluetooth accessory adapter

PowerCom plus Bluetooth-Accessory-Adapter PB-AA D&S
PowerCom plus Bluetooth-Accessory-Adapter PB-AA D&S

... the wireless connection to audio, navigation-system, two-way-radio and mobile phone!

This allows the Bluetooth transmission of various Bluetooth-compatible devices, such as mobile phone, audio, navigation system, etc. to the PowerCom system. Now also with A2DP for high-quality stereo transmission to the PowerCom system.

With the PowerCom-Accessory-Adapter you have the possibility to connect the PowerCom- control unit wirelessly with Bluetooth mobile phone, Bluetooth navigation system, Bluetooth audio and other Bluetooth devices.

As a result, all signals are controlled via the PowerCom system fit-for-motorbike and conveniently and are nevertheless connected via Bluetooth technology.

Thus, e.g. the annoying plugging in of your mobile phone, navigation system, etc. is no more needed. If you have your mobile phone or Navigation system with you, you can immediately establish the Bluetooth connection to the system.

PowerCom system with Bluetooth-to-Helmet Gateway

PowerCom plus Bluetooth-Helmet-Connector PB-HC2 D&S
PowerCom plus Bluetooth-Helmet-Connector PB-HC2 D&S
Use of the PowerCom plus Bluetooth-Helmet-Connector PB-HC2 D&S
Use of the PowerCom plus Bluetooth-Helmet-Connector PB-HC2 D&S

... the wireless connection to the helmet!

With the PowerCom Bluetooth Helmet Connector PB-HC2 from AKE it is possible, to connect all motorbike intercom systems of the AKE PowerCom-Series wireless with a Bluetooth-helmet.

It is not necessary to charge the helmet connector because it is powered by the PowerCom helmet communication system.

The Bluetooth helmet connector is now available with "PAIR and GO" function. Once paired, the devices connect automatically.

Sets of BT Helmet Set 201 and Bluetooth Helmet Connector PB-HC2 are supplied by AKE already readily paired, so pairing is no longer required!

On the motorbike, the Bluetooth connection between the motorbike intercom system and the helmet is immediately established by the PowerCom Helmet Connector. So all comfort-functions of the AKE PowerCom- motorbike intercom systems can be used.

In principle, all Bluetooth helmets can be used, which work according to the standard Bluetooth® headset profile, but an optimal transmission quality can only be guaranteed with the original AKE Bluetooth helmet sets.

All new PowerCom plus Bluetooth systems have already integrated a Bluetooth gateway for the driver.