Driving a motorbike is more than just moving. Driving a motorbike is all-in-one: Hobby, sports, adventure, pleasure, philosophy and an end in itself.

The feeling of accomplishing something special while driving even increases the pleasure of controlling the technology. After all, the motorbike is representing the most compact technical solution of a vehicle.

Due to its "single-tracked-nes" that needs only a small amount of space and because of the breathtaking acceleration it requires high driving skills and a lot of experience.

But even until today the joy of driving is not entirely perfect. The motorbike driver is acoustically isolated as soon as he starts his machine. Because he has no means of communication. The conversations with the partner on the pillion seat is literally stifled in the driving noise. Attempts, to do something against that by strongly turning the head and shouting, are at the expense of safety.

It is impossible to listen to the Radio, music-CDs, traffic announcements or navigation system voice announcements at higher speed, like it is normal for car drivers, even when they are driving sporty, as having two-way-radio or mobile phone connections.

Conventional helmet communication systems could hardly provide remedy. Even resourceful tinkerers were not able to meet the special requirements of these Devices. The interference-free operation failed mostly because of the high driving noise or the harsh operating conditions.

Now those problems are solved. So the technical perfection of communication, which has been a matter of course for other vehicles for a long time is available for the motorbike driver.

In close collaboration with experienced scientists, technicians and motorbike drivers, a system has been developed that not only fully meets the most stringent requirements for safety, comfort and function, but also utilizes all possibilities of communication on the motorbike.

Installed on the machine and installed in the helmet, it regulates the necessary settings of Intercom, radio, MP3 player, navigation system, two-way-radio, mobile phone, camcorder, voice recorder, etc. during the journey.

The right thing for everyone

The innovative motorbike intercom systems of the PowerCom series from AKE are available in different versions. This allows everyone to choose the right equipment, from the voice connection between the driver and the passenger to the all-round system with audio, radio, navigation system, mobile phone and Bluetooth. There are also versions for solo drivers (1 helmet) and sidecar use (up to 4 helmets).

Helmet sets are available for open helmets, full-face helmets and system (flip-up) helmets.

By the use of these AKE Motorbike-Communikation-Systems driver and pillion can

and all this without having to take the hands of the handlebar. An absolute precondition for the use of such devices on the motorbike.

The construction

The motorbike-intercom-systems of the PowerCom-series are made in a way, that they can be installed on every motorbike. Due to their construction in miniature format, despite the extensive electronics their dimensions are only 70 x 137 x 20 mm to 70 x 160 x 20 mm.

The helmet parts are adapted to the geometry of the helmet. They can be installed in every full-face helmet that has about 15mm space free in front of the mouth. For equipping jet helmets, suitable microphone arms are available and for flip-up helmets microphones with a spiral cable connection are available.

The motorbike-intercom-systems of the PowerCom-series are supplied by the battery of the motorbike. They turn off by themselves when the machine is turned off and the and the helmet spiral cable is pulled out of the connectors. This prevents the battery from being unloaded by forgetting to switch off.

Mounting the motorbike-intercom-system to the machine is as unproblematic as the installation of the microphones and helmet-loudspeakers to the helmet are. Since all connections are made by a plug-in system, all soldering work is eliminated.

You can of course also let all assembly work be carried out by our trained staff or by one of our specialized dealers. You can also request a current list of specialized dealers from us.