The PowerCom navigation system voice announcement system

... the new fit-for-motorbike navigation-system-in-the-helmet hands-free kit in forward-looking dual-channel technology.  

The navigation system automatic of the PowerCom motorbike intercom system from AKE takes over the automatic control of the voice announcement of any navigation system and the fit-for-motorbike audio reproduction in the helmet.

This eliminates the visual distraction caused by the navigation screen. That way the navigation system can also be accommodated in a place protected against theft and water.

The essentials in brief ...

  • One and two-channel voice output in the helmet
  • Automatic recognition of the voice-announcement
  • Intelligent Priority-signal-management
  • Driving noise dependant volume regulation.
  • Switches off the helmet microphone for solo operation
  • Electronic vehicle-noise suppression.
  • Connection cable suitable for all common loudspeaker- and headphone outputs.
  • Can be connected alternatively via Bluetooth technology or cable. Here is a comparison.