The PowerCom audio- / radioautomatic (audio-hands-free-kit)

... the fit-for-motorbike High-Sound-in-Helmet system for relaxed driving.

The intelligent stereo-audio-automatic of the PowerCom-motorbike-intercom-systems from AKE allows the fit-for-motorbike music reproduction in the helmet and takes over important operating functions, which the driver has to carry out on a conventional audio system himself.

The audio system continuously adjusts the volume to the driving noise and reduces the audio signal as soon as someone speaks over the system. It guarantees the best possible sound quality without any effort.

The essentials in brief ...

  • High-quality stereo in- and outputs
  • Driver-Audio-Security function
  • Driving noise dependent volume regulation
  • Automatic lowering of the Audio when Intercom-, navigation-system, two-way-radio, or mobile phone are active
  • Automatic turning off of the helmet microphone at solo-use (only one helmet connected)
  • Electrical vehicle-noise-suppression
  • Connection cable suitable for all common loudspeaker and headphone outputs
  • Can be connected alternatively via Bluetooth technology or cable. Here is a comparison.

For the protected installation of a car radio the operation with a motorbike-suitable AKE radio remote control is recommended.