The PowerCom mobile phone hands-free-system

... the fit-for-motorbike mobile phone hands-free-system for those who want to be reachable on the motorcycle.

The well-thought-out mobile phone hands-free-system from the PowerCom motorcycle intercom systems from AKE takes over the automatic control of the mobile telephone and thus the safe hands free speaking from the helmet.

For the car it is a regulation, for the motorbike an absolute must!

The connection to the mobile phone can be made alternatively via adapter cable or Bluetooth module.

The essentials in brief ...

  • Automatically recognises if a mobile phone is active
  • Adjusts the receiving volume depending on the driving noise 
  • Regulates the modulation for the voice signal to the mobile phone
  • Intelligently manages the priority-signal
  • Electronic elimination of driving noise
  • External mobile phone operating button possible
  • Can be connected alternatively via Bluetooth technology or cable. Here is a comparison.