AKE PowerCom motorbike communication systems
AKE PowerCom Motorbike Communication and Entertainment Systems

The product range of the PowerCom covers a line of systems with intercom (full-duplex), audio transmission (stereo), navigation voice announcement, two-way radio (CB) and mobile phone hands-free kits, driver security feature, priority signal management and much more.

Product Comparison & Review

The unique PowerCom safety feature

With Bluetooth-to-helmet, the internal communication also takes priority over all other signals!

For maximum safety it also provides a driving noise dependent volume control and a fast activatable driver safety system (Entertainment Lock).

Conventional Bluetooth-to helmet systems provide no safe communication in the event of sudden danger, as the intercom is locked when the phone or the GPS is activated!

How driving with helmets becomes a pleasure

The new PowerCom motorcycle communication system from AKE offers much more than just a possibility to connect a car radio, two-way-radio, etc. All signals are electronically controlled and are adjusted to the motorbike-specific conditions!

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All connections you can choose between Bluetooth or cable

With the PowerCom-Bluetooth components it is possible to connect the PowerCom communication system wireless with a Bluetooth mobile phone, navigation system or other Bluetooth devices as well as Bluetooth helmets.

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