The PowerCom two-way-radio hands-free-system

... the fit-for-motorbike two-way-radio hands-free-system.
Ideal for all bikers who need a comfortable voice connection from motorbike to motorbike.

The two-way-radio hands-free-system from the PowerCom motorbike communication system from AKE takes over the automatic control of a common two-way-radio and enables the fit-for-motorbike radio communication via the connected helmets.

The PowerCom two-way-radio hands-free-system reduces the operating effort to the absolutely necessary minimum and the radio can be mounted in a protected place.

The essentials in brief ...

  • External transmit button
  • Fit-for-motorbike voice control (VOX)
  • Automatically recognizes if the two-way-radio is active
  • Intelligently manages the priority-signal
  • Adjusts the receiving volume depending on the driving noise
  • Regulates the modulation for the voice signal to the two-way-radio
  • Electronic elimination of driving noise
  • Connection cable with input and output signal level matching available for all common two-way-radios
  • Can be connected alternatively via Bluetooth technology or cable. Here is a comparison.

High-Speed-VOX for the comfortable two-way-radio connection

On a motorbike a transmission with push-button is not an ideal solution. Even more than with a car, a handling of any device that is not absolutely required should be avoided while driving a motorbike.

This problem is more and more being solved by using two-way-radios with VOX (voice switch). The VOX reacts more to heavy changes in surrounding noises than to the spoken voice and when recognizing the voice, the first word of the transmission is always missing. (Most two-way-radios need technically a long time to provide a voice communication.)

The fit-for-motorbike hands-free kit for two-way-radios of the PowerCom series offers besides volume control of incoming transmissions and signal modulation several advantages with the intelligent VOX-control (iVOX) :

  1. The response threshold is continuously being compensated to the surrounding noise
  2. An extensive voice recognition distinguishes between surrounding noise and the spoken word
  3. Any delay in the response of the two-way-radio is electronically compensated, no word will get lost

With the new hands-free kit from AKE your communication from bike to bike will become as comfortable as a small talk in your living room.