The internal PowerCom voice communication (intercom)

.. a fit-for-motorbike helmet to helmet voice-connection with optimum noise insulation.

The voice-controlled intercom system of AKE's PowerCom motorcycle intercom systems and the helmet sets adapted to the special requirements guarantee optimum speech intelligibility even at over 200 km / h (about 124mph).

The PowerCom-intercom-automatic monitors the background noise generated during driving. It only switches on the helmet microphones when someone speaks. Transmitted vehicle noise is greatly reduced and completely suppressed during speech pauses.

The essentials in brief ...

  • Speech intelligibility until over 200 km/h (about 124mph).
  • Driving noise compensated electronic voice switch.
  • Effective suppression of disturbing driving noise.
  • Board power supply with power-on-automatic.
  • Electronic vehicle-noise suppression.
  • Connection cable suitable for driver and pillion helmet, (optional for up to 4 helmets).
  • Can be connected alternatively via Bluetooth technology or cable. Here is a comparison.
  • Sturdy construction thanks to an extra strong aluminium housing.