Especially when two or more people work together in hazardous situations, smooth communication can save lives.

The ECC system developed by AKE offers decisively improved work safety thanks to its full duplex team intercom and active noise cancellation.

Special transports
Tree care
Construction sites
Forestry work
Shooting facilities
ECC basic, hearing protection with multi-user hands-free radio system.

Only hearing protectors with integrated ECC hands-free system from AKE enable completely hands-free communication even under difficult conditions!
ECC silence, active voice control, microphone 100% blocked during pauses in speech.

Active hearing protection, unacceptably loud ambient noise is automatically suppressed.
ECC hand-held, for crane operators, heavy transporters, instructors, etc.

Allows full duplex handsfree talking via any headset.
Can be used as a repeater - improving range in difficult terrain.

ECC basic and ECC silence are approved according to EN352 category III ( deadly and permanently harmful hazards).

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